One of our employees recently purchased a piece of art that her child’s 4th grade class had created for a school fundraiser.  It’s a lovely grouping of hand painted ceramic owls and it spurred a discussion at the store of other unique and inexpensive ways to bring blank walls to life.

Children’s artwork is always a whimsical addition—it’s joyous, abstract and can be grouped or framed to stand-alone.  We often find that children’s art looks particularly interesting mixed with more sophisticated prints, as it adds a contrast mixed with more traditional art.

Locating prints and images from calendars, vintage posters, maps, stationary sets or even old blueprints can be a unique addition to any wall.  Flea markets, thrift and antique shops are great choices when hunting for this type of art.These non-traditional images can be framed, stretched on a canvas, or hung easily with clipboards.

With all of the innovative digital photography processing that is available today, photographs are a natural choice to line the walls of your home.  Family photos or shots from your last vacation can be edited in a variety of formats and printed on canvas, metal, wood—the choices are seemingly endless.

Fabric or wallpaper stretched on a canvas or cut into pieces and framed is another very affordable, high-impact option for your walls.

Looking for something super-custom? You can even design your own at have it printed at Spoonflower.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of paint!  A striped or patterned accent wall can do wonders to bring an empty stretch of drywall to life.

From our home to yours,

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