A new year will always bring updated predictions of what is going to be popular for all sorts of style—fashion, automotive, travel—and interior design absolutely falls into that same category.  Although we pride ourselves on selling furniture that will be beautiful and durable for generations, there will always be additions that you can make to your décor to make your home feel fresh and current.  Here are some of the expert predictions for 2017:

Paint colors: Pantone has named the color of the year “Greenery” but if you’re looking for something a bit more muted, check out this article for the suggested colors from all the major paint manufacturers.

Materials: Everything natural and organic will remain extremely popular this year.  That includes rough-hewn flooring, woven fibers, stone, and live elements such as succulents and terrariums.  Our live edge tables fit beautifully into this design trend. 

Sustainability:  Our Amish craftsmen have always understood the importance of using materials and resources responsibly, but we continue to be thankful that the interior design world shares this understanding.  The use of repurposed items for home décor, solar powered accessories, and other eco-friendly accents will be both fashionable and important this year.

Looking for more information on what’s hot for 2017?  Check out this article from Housetrends

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