caring-for-wood-furniture-in-winterThe heat has been on for several weeks now—and many of us have even had the opportunity to use the fireplace; the chilly temps mean it’s a good time to think about how the cold weather can impact your hardwood furniture.

Wood is very sensitive to water and any changes in relative humidity—as the weather changes from season to season, so does the humidity in your home and the moisture content of your wood furniture. This causes the wood to expand and contract with the change in environmental moisture.

To properly maintain your furniture, consider adding a humidifier to your heating system to help stabilize the humidity level during the cold, dry months of winter.

Additionally, keep your furniture away from direct heat sources like radiators, wood stoves and air ducts. If you need to put your furniture near a heat source, use a shield or diverter to deflect or direct heat away.
By addressing these small factors in the winter months, you can insure your furniture will last for generations!

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