Handmade Mattresses from Ohio’s Amish Country!

PERFECTThe summer is absolutely the time to flip mattresses and examine them for wear and tear.  While there is no set timeframe for when you should replace your mattress—the average lifespan is 8-10 years.  As you get older, generally look to replace your mattress on a more frequent cycle, as older bodies need more support at night.  Outside of age, other clues that it is time for a replacement include:

* Feeling tired or achy when you wake on a regular basis

* Sleeping better away from home than in your own bed

* Visible sags or lumps in the mattress

Many are shocked to hear that our Amish craftsmen make mattresses as well as furniture, but the same high standards for quality and workmanship apply for these fine, Ohio-made products.   Finding the right mattress is truly an individual choice, so we absolutely encourage all our customers to come to the showroom and see what feels comfortable.  Our second floor is stocked with a wide selection!


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