With Mother’s Day and Memorial Day right around the corner, there is plenty to do at home to get ready for outdoor entertaining and to stay on top of regular spring maintenance.  Here are a few reminders to add to your May “to do” list:file0001564894818

·      Check safety devices and exterior lighting:  Check any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they have fully charged batteries and are in good working order.  Likewise, make sure fire extinguishers have not exceeded their expiration date.  Lastly, exterior light bulbs should be checked and replaced as needed.

·      Refresh the bedroom:  Mattresses should be vacuumed, rotated and flipped; pillows should be laundered.  Swap out and clean bedding designed for colder months and replace with lighter weight duvets and blankets.

·      Ready the Outdoors: Hose down the patio and see what you need to add to make your outdoor space extra inviting.  Consider new furniture, a set of all-weather curtains, or a water feature, but take the time to make your porch or patio a relaxing place to escape.

·      Touch-up interior blemishes: Grab a magic eraser and scrub the bumps and bruises from walls or molding; if you don’t already have some, pick up an extra quart of paint for signs of wear that can’t be easily cleaned off of walls and woodwork.

Doing a little each month helps you stay up-to-date on home maintenance, keeps things fresh, and puts your home in a state of readiness should you quickly want to enter the crazy hot real estate market.


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