April To-Do’s: Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

We’re always amazed at the burst of energy that appears to do things in and around our homes once the winter weather breaks.  To take advantage of this “spring fever,” we wanted to share our April to-do list for both indoors and outdoors.  It’s not quite time to plant, but there are plenty of things to be done that will keep your home running smoother and feeling revitalized:


Pull out the patio furniture from storage and wipe it down with a damp cloth before putting in on the porch.

Take the lawn mower and edger to get serviced; Make sure the grill has made it through the winter months—make sure the propane tank is filled or you have plenty of charcoal at the ready.

Clean and pressure-wash the exterior surfaces of your house.  This winter was particularly harsh, so schedule repairs as needed, now, before more damage can be done.



Rearrange furniture and artwork in your home.  Without expensive redecorating, moving furniture and artwork can be a great way to freshen up your décor and allow you to thoroughly clean in all those nooks and crannies.

Service the air conditioner—preventative maintenance is always the preferable course of action and now is the time to call, before the temps begin to climb.

Style the mantel. A small area that can have a big visual impact, the mantel is a great place to add some spring to your home—and take the time to dust and clean while you are moving things around.

Switch out sheets and towels
.  If you haven’t already, take off blankets to wash and store for next year and swap out a new set of towels and sheets to freshen up bedrooms and bathrooms.

What are you doing to get your home ready for spring?


From our home to yours,

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