Form and function impact not only furniture design, but on a very practical level, they also influence furniture placement in your home. Whether you are starting from scratch with an empty room or you are re-arranging and working with an existing layout, years of furniture deliveries have clued us in to a few tips that can help determine the ideal placement for your furniture.

The size and shape of each individual room will be the biggest factor for furniture arrangement, but as a general rule, here are a few guidelines that can absolutely make a positive impact on your design:

Focus: Ideally, every room should be arranged with a central focal point in mind. It might be a window, a painting, a fireplace, or even a TV, but your furniture placement should allow for the eye to naturally be drawn to this location.

Off the wall: Lining furniture along the perimeter of a room can make for a feeling of heaviness; if you have the space, float furniture in the center of the room or if a large piece—like a couch—needs to be placed along a wall, make sure to balance the area with smaller tables or side chairs placed in the middle of the room.

Mix it up: When arranging your room, make sure that the furniture and accessories are varied in dimension. Pieces with different heights, depths and widths will add to the visual interest of your room design.

Simplify: Many, many rooms are over-stuffed with furniture that doesn’t really serve a true purpose. Get rid of the clutter and eliminate pieces that don’t contribute to the design or purpose of your space.

Try it out: If you are unsure of your furniture placement, use your room for its intended purpose and see if it meets your needs. Can your space accommodate conversation or a meal in the way you desire? Make adjustments in lighting or move tables to provide easy access to food or drink. Furniture placement is not a permanent decision, so trial and error is a great way to check your work!

If you have questions on furniture placement for your home, bring your dimensions and the professionals at Amish Originals can help you make the right selections for any room in the house.

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