Shopping Local Promotes Positive Economic Growth for Westerville, Holmes County, Ohio and Beyond

As a locally owned store that sells furniture crafted here in Ohio, we talk a lot about how your purchasing decisions impact our economy. Nowhere is that more evident than in Holmes County, Ohio—home to the majority of our craftsmen, as well as a thriving timber industry. Notably, Holmes County contains more hardwood furniture builders and retailers than anywhere else in the US.

In this mostly rural, small, Northeast Ohio County, the timber and furniture industries contribute more than $24 million in tax revenue and employ approximately 3,000 people—around 500 of those are Amish craftsmen and builders. Statewide figures are even more significant, with this industry contributing $22 billion to Ohio’s economy (2010) and employing 118,000.

And because timber is responsibly harvested and replanted, Ohio’s forests are growing at double the rate that they are being culled. Additionally, when timber is cut down, the entire tree is utilized for something; bark is shredded for mulch and even sawdust is used to fuel kilns that dry wood boards.

The demand for heirloom-quality furniture made in the USA has remained strong and the growing Amish population in Holmes County provides experienced and qualified craftsmen who have learned their trade at the hands of family members and mentors.

So when buying local at Amish Originals, your purchase goes way beyond getting quality, American hardwood furniture; it supports the communities of Westerville, Columbus and Holmes County through economic growth and development. For every $1 spent at a locally owned store, close to $.45 is reinvested into the community and for every $1 spent in Ohio manufactured goods, the economy gets a $1.48 boost. Powerful stuff.

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