Breaking the Cardinal “Rules” of Decorating For a Modern, Trendsetting Home

Many of us grew up with a few set-in-stone, never-to-be-broken “rules” about life—like the old fashion adage of only wearing white shoes between Easter and Labor Day. Many, many of these rules apply to decorating; as customers consider making furniture purchases, we hear a LOT of discussion that surrounds right and wrong for how things should look in their home.

But like wearing white shoes or pants anytime of the year (yes, you really can), rules are meant to be broken. And if you’re looking for a modern, trendy home interior, here are a few suggestions of old decorating “no-no’s” that you might consider embracing:

Wood tones don’t need to match

We have lots of customers who love to match stains—and that’s fine—but oftentimes, a variety of wood types, tones and colors can really add depth and interest to a room. Incidentally, the same “non-matching” philosophy goes for chairs ; consistency can be achieved through color, size or style. A cluster of non-matching, yet complimentary couches and chairs significantly ups the sophistication of any room.

Ceilings don’t need to be white

Traditionally, mouldings led directly to white ceilings, and while that is still the norm, adding a color or carefully chosen pattern to the fifth wall of a room can drastically add to the décor. An unusual ceiling treatment can make a room feel big, or cozy or even just add a pop of interest.

Patterns can and should be mixed

Gone is the day when one pattern was suggested for throw pillows, curtains and upholstery. Mixing patterns with complimentary colors adds warmth and interest—the most important thing to remember when selecting patterns is to vary the size and scale of the print. Best results will come with a mix of small, large and geometric prints, all in colors that blend but also have some contrasting accent tones.

Small rooms do not necessarily need to be furnished with small furniture

No, you don’t want to overwhelm a small room with ALL huge furniture, but we always recommend that customers buy what will be comfortable and useful, rather than what will just look nice.

Hope that some of these tips will be helpful the next time you’re looking to redecorate!

From our home to yours,

Amish Originals


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