We just unloaded a beautiful, custom seven-piece office furniture set from the truck today.  No chair was ordered—our customer had one that he preferred at his office already.  While desks are selected (or in this case, designed) to fit a certain space and provide organization, office chairs are best chosen with ergonomics in mind.

New custom built and designed office unit
New custom built and designed office unit


For many companies, ergonomics—the design and arrangement of objects with safety and efficiency in mind—is mandatory to help combat work related ailments like carpel-tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal illnesses.  But with the CDC estimating that 35.4% of people who sit for more than eight hours per day are likely to develop some sort of muscle, bone or joint disorder, it’s important to think about ergonomics for all seating—not just office chairs.

A few tips to keep in mid when selecting the right chair:

Swivel: For a chair used for many working hours each day, swivel is important.  A stationary chair may cause you to make an unnatural movement to try to reach something, whereas a swivel chair will at least partially adjust and accommodate—reducing potential injury.

Chair Height:  Chair height is critical because it impacts the level at which your wrists fall against a desk. A chair at the wrong height, with repeated use, can result in carpel tunnel syndrome and poor circulation. For a step-by-step guide to determining the perfect chair height, follow these simple instructions from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Safety.

Support:  Look for lumbar support for the lower back and for the shoulders.  This is especially important for people who have existing joint and muscle pain.

PostureEven with a good ergonomic chair, injuries are possible without a concerted emphasis on good posture! Need a quick refresher?  Check out this fun, animated guide that reminds us all to stop slumping!


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