We are proud to say that the furniture we sell at Amish Originals is heirloom quality.  What does that mean?  It is built to last and stand the test of time: children, pets, moving and well, anything else that you can throw at it.

Many of us have pieces like that in our homes already.  Maybe it is a dresser from a grandmother or aunt or maybe it’s a dining room table and chairs that you picked up from a garage sale or vintage furniture store.  If you have an older piece of furniture that has upholstery in it, however, one of the problems that can develop is a musty smell.  Unfortunately, this type of odor can permeate slipcovers or cushion covers, leaving your couch smelling decidedly stinky and old. We came across a great tip this week on how to get rid of musty smells in upholstery on the blog Finding Home.  As a note, the blog suggests (as do we) that you try this on an inconspicuous area before jumping in and treating your whole piece of furniture.

Finding Home recommends waiting for a sunny, warm day (OK, so you might have to wait awhile for that if you’re here in central Ohio) and take your furniture outside into the direct sunlight.  Spray your furniture with straight vodka (yes, vodka!), wetting it extensively.  Let it dry for several hours and then repeat this process two more times.  Plan to use two or three bottles of cheap vodka in total, although the amount you use will depend some on the size of your furniture.

This odor-destroying trick has apparently been used for decades in theaters—for drapery and cushions.  Unconventional? Yes! But we are always big fans of furniture that is built to last, musty-odors and all!

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