We are always interested to hear what our customers say when we ask them if they have or would ever consider purchasing furniture online, sight unseen.

Some are horrified at the thought of not touching and feeling a potential table, sofa or bedroom suite.  Increasingly, we’re finding that more and more folks are not only comfortable with the idea, but are taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase our quality, American-made furniture without ever having walked though our doors in Uptown Westerville.

Although we love having our website as a reference for our customers, we take great pride in the personal service that accompanies each sale—service that can’t truly exist when you purchase through strictly online channels.  We cherish the relationships that are built by helping folks determine just the right piece for their home— and we never stop enjoying when those same customers drop by the store to say hello and tell us how they are doing.

Despite our love of being a locally owned and operated bricks and mortar store, we do get calls from customers from across the country.  Maybe they were in Central Ohio visiting and couldn’t stop thinking about a table they saw or maybe they just found us through a Google search.  Both our online product catalog and the virtual tour of our store are a great way to get a feel for our furniture.

Of course, without visiting the store in person, you will miss the décor and accessories that can add so much to your home; with new stock arriving weekly, our showroom always has something new and unique to see.  But, should convenience or proximity be an issue, take advantage of the amazing digital opportunities that can bring the work of our Amish craftsmen to your home!


From our home to yours,

Amish Originals

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