How to prepare your wood furniture for a move

Most folks aren’t going to be moving quite as much furniture as we will be in a few weeks, but we thought it might be helpful to give everyone some tips to on how to protect your wood furnishings when the time does come for you to find a new home.

Whether you are moving and packing yourself or you have professionals helping, here are our recommendations to protect you wood furniture:

  • Dust and clean your wood furniture before packing.
  • Wrap wood furniture with a protective cover made of natural fibers—furniture pads, blankets or linens; try to avoid plastic or bubble wrap directly against the wood because condensation can develop.  Once the breathable fibers are in place against the wood, plastic wraps can be safely used.
  • Take the time to detach any knobs or finials and wrap them in a padded, labeled envelope.  Also, remove any table leaves or shelves and wrap and label them separately, as well.
  • When moving desks or dressers, secure drawers with rope or twine and then add a protective layer of padding underneath to protect the wood against gouges from the fiber.
  • Add extra padding to corners as they often bear the brunt of bumps and rough handling.
  • Refrain from sliding a piece of furniture, but rather lift it to protect the legs and also your flooring.

Our furniture is made to last, but taking these basic precautions can save it from the dents, scars and scratches that are inevitably part of every move (even ours!).

A Note: To prepare for our upcoming move to 38 North State Street in Westerville, Amish Originals will be closed from March 4-10.

From our home to yours,

Amish Originals

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