New Ways to Use Wooden Chairs in Your Home Decor

If you hit any of the many, many garage sales this weekend in Westerville or elsewhere, you might have come home with a chair.  And if you came home with a chair—despite the rumblings of your significant other (or non-significant, for that matter)—you might have lovely DIY dreams of turning this fantastic find into a truly unique piece for your home.

Whether the chair is newly purchased or has been in your family for generations, you would be right to think expansively! For although a chair may appear to have a singular use, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth; trust us, we have a LOT of chairs at Amish Originals and probably spend just a little too much time thinking about “different” things to do with them.

So, for our crafty and inspired readers, here are a few ideas to get your imagination brewing when you’re looking at new or second-hand chairs:

Mismatched chairs hit the mark and the budget

Consider mismatched chairs of different sizes or styles for an eclectic, stylish look.  By shopping for individual pieces, you won’t be constrained by looking for 6-10 of the same chair and you’ll have far more flexibility with your budget. You can paint the chairs all the same color to add a sense of uniformity:


Or just leave them “as is” to add a funky and confortable feel to any room:



Bright Paint Colors Make a Bold Statement

Bring the colors of the outdoors inside, and brighten your interior with happy, bright hues.  A second-hand chair is the perfect opportunity to modernize your home interior and experiment with this furniture trend without making a major investment.  Spend a little time sanding your chair, apply primer and lastly, paint with a foam roller or brush—popular colors for this season are tangerine, turquoise and yellow.



Think Outside The Seat

Check out a great blog post from Dishfunctional Designs, which has some amazing ideas on how to repurpose that old chair or a new garage sale find.  Some of our favorites are:

The garden chair planter


Children’s chairs repurposed into dog dishes


The chair back coat rack

Do you have any creative ideas using the chairs in your home?  We’d love to see!


From our home to yours,

Amish Originals


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