Reclaimed Ohio Barn Wood Furniture

IMG_2299We just welcomed a new bedroom suite to our second floor gallery this week.  It’s called “Farmhouse Heritage” and it is made with oak and cherry wood; it’s a stunning set with a grey-washed finish (London Fog), iron accents and a contemporary knob style.

Most notable about this design, however, is the reclaimed barn wood top on the dresser and side tables.  Reclaimed wood has been steadily growing in popularity amongst our Amish furniture craftsmen for a few very good reasons.  Most importantly, the Amish are consummate recyclers and reclaimed wood epitomizes environmentally conscious building. 


And you don’t have to look far to see barns in a state of disrepair, dotting the highways and byways of rural (and not-so rural!) Ohio.  Many of these barns have been abandoned because it is simply more expensive to repair them than it is to build brand new structures.

Many of these barns are 100+ years old and were constructed with timbers that were hand-hewn into beams.  Despite having been worn down under the harsh natural elements, much of the barn wood is not only salvageable, but a beautiful homage to the workmanship and quality of our forbearers.

IMG_2300Beyond a plentiful local supply of a quality, eco-friendly building product, we are seeing more and more reclaimed wood furniture pieces come from our Amish craftsmen because of style.  Each table, bed, dresser or accent is a one-of-a-kind piece that has character, patina and history.  It’s hard to find that with something made in China.

As with any of our furniture, we can customize a reclaimed wood piece for your home or you can come by the showroom and touch and feel for yourself what our furniture makers have on display.

From our home to yours,

Amish Originals

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