By now, we should never be surprised by the whimsical nature of home décor trends, but the latest fad that is taking Pinterest, the online blogosphere and HGTV by storm has  caught us unawares.

Pallets.  Wooden pallets used to ship and pack and move goods.  Hmmm.  Even as furniture makers, we can honestly say that this has never occurred to us before now.

So why are people doing it?  Pallets are a good source of inexpensive (or free) solid wood that can craftily be used in a variety of ways.

Where does the average person pick up a pallet for a project?  Several of our local sources have told us the best places to find pallets are either on Craigslist (for purchase) or by asking big box stores if they have any available to give away.

When looking for pallets, try to select ones that are as clean as possible and be prepared to power wash and sand them before use.

Take a look at what some super creative people doing with these multi-purpose items!


Have you ever used pallets in any of your home décor? Any of these images make you want to consider it? We’re always interested in seeing what our customers are busy creating in their homes!

From our home to yours,

Amish Originals


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