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It wasn’t that long ago that many of us at the store (and we suspect some of you, too) had these three-ring binders that were literally overflowing with scraps of paper; despite having been crumpled and folded in your purse, these scraps were gems of ideas that you just had to save…like the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece idea for next year, or the recipe that your Aunt Betty gave to you after you husband ate twelve slices of her pistachio cake.

The scraps of paper came from newspapers, glossy magazine spreads, even personal photos and more often than not, they ended up fanned across the kitchen floor in disarray every time they got a chance to escape their restraints as the binder got pulled down from the shelf.  Each time the scraps were patiently gathered back together, they served as little visual reminders of what you had tucked away, just waiting for the perfect moment to bring an idea to life.

That was then. Today, we have Pinterest—also known as the, “digital binder” amongst the family at Amish Originals.  Some of us (anonymity will be protected here) think Pinterest is a time suck (it is), yet others of us think it is a daily source of visual inspiration and yes, even education and information (it is that, too).


Either way, we are thrilled to announce that Amish Originals is now on Pinterest!  You will find us posting new things that we have in the store, photos sent of your Amish Originals in their new homes, some local Westerville love, company history, but most importantly, you’ll find things that are inspiring us.  New furniture designs, tips to simplify life, interior ideas, colors, tablescapes, recipes…anything that we think you might want to tuck away for that perfect moment.

Our boards are a work in progress, but we invite you to follow us and see what might pique your interest…because, as we have told many a customer, if you can dream it, our Amish craftsmen can build it.

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Happy Pinning!


From our home to yours,

Amish Originals

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