For even the best quality wood furniture, life happens.  Kids and pets happen.  And consequently, damage happens.  To help you cope with these moments, we thought we’d offer a few helpful tips to help keep your wood furniture looking its best.

Water Rings

You might have seen this sign in our store:


—drinks can proudly sit on our furniture, worry free.  As you probably know, however, that is not the case with all wood furniture, as evidenced here:

If you do get a water ring, don’t panic and try this:

As soon as the ring is noticed, use a hair dryer on the highest heat setting and aim the hot air fairly close to the stain.  After a few minutes, you should see the stain begin to fade; you can try this for upwards of 20 minutes.  Afterward, use a little olive oil to re-moisturize the wood and finish with a furniture polish—we recommend Guardsman Furniture Polish, but any non-silicone based product will do.


If the scratch is minor—and only affecting the surface area of your furniture— we recommend rubbing a mixture of lemon juice and cooking oil firmly against the scratch with a clean cloth to buff out the scratch.


For a scratch that goes beyond the surface area of your furniture, you have a couple of options.  For small areas, you can use a store bought product, like Minwax or Old English or you can give household items like iodine, wax crayons or even eyebrow pencils a try.

For larger areas and if your furniture is made of solid wood, we recommend refinishing.  With the proper tools and skills, this can be something that you can attempt at home; otherwise, our craftsmen are happy to take on your refinishing project!

Looking for a few ideas to help keep your furniture safe from damage?  We always recommend:

  • Keep furniture out of direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • When moving furniture, lift, rather than drag
  • Rotate accessories that sit on your wood furniture
  • Avoid placement of furniture in areas near heat sources or dampness

From our home to yours,

Amish Originals


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